Denied or Appealed Your BP Oil Spill Claim?

Business Attorneys Handling Over 3,000 BP Claims

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The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a monumental disaster on multiple fronts: it killed and injured several people, it devastated the ecosystem and it caused businesses across the Gulf Shore to suffer severe economic losses. Hotels and others in the hospitality industry noticed a sudden nosedive in tourism after the BP news made national headlines.

When harm comes to you because of someone else’s negligence, you need an attorney on your side to set things right. Our business lawyers can seek just compensation for the losses you incurred due to BP’s negligence. Our firm alone filed over 3,000 claims on behalf of our clients. If you filed a claim with another law firm and are dissatisfied with the outcome, speak to our lawyers about amending your claim and/or appealing an unfavorable decision.

How Can I Get Compensation for Gulf Oil Claims?

In response to the immense damage throughout the Gulf Shore, the oil company created the BP Deepwater Horizon Economic & Property Damages Settlement to administer funds to those affected. Attorneys for those harmed negotiated a settlement with BP that paid claimants in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and parts of Texas.

BP doled out portions of the settlement to those with valid oil spill claims. These claims are for Business Economic Loss, or BELs. However, BP started appealing nearly every claim filed, despite their validity. It also paid claimants less than what they really deserved. BP filed motions, briefs and appeals against the settlement, the same settlement it helped create. It even filed an injunction that halted payouts for a year. Eventually the injunction was lifted, the Supreme Court ruled against BP, and those harmed by the oil spill could once again begin collecting BP settlements.

Despite the fact that the settlement has a section that penalizes BP for making “frivolous appeals” when the original claims are completely valid, it still does everything in its power to deny meritorious claims.

BP Did Not Offer Me Enough Money – What Can I Do?

BP must abide by the terms of the settlement that it helped create. We know BP oil spill claims backwards and forwards, and we know what you can do about reduced or denied claims. We started helping business recover soon after the spill occurred, and we eventually grew into one of the nation’s most prominent BP oil spill litigation firms.

If you have any questions about how you can recover from the economic devastation caused by the spill, or if BP refuses to treat your claim with respect, give us a call and ask how we can help. Our firm has years of experience dealing with those affected by the BP oil spill. We represented more than 3,000 businesses that lost profits during this disaster, and we can help you if you are still suffering from the effects of the oil spill. Contact our BP oil spill attorneys for a free consultation to learn more.