Legal Advice for Businesses

Business Attorneys Provide Corporate Representation

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Contact our Texas and Florida business attorneys for legal advice.

Business owners face a variety of legal challenges throughout their careers, including disputes arising from within the company and litigation resulting from conflicts with other businesses or clients. Our business attorneys have represented corporations through disputes and litigation, and we understand how to resolve conflicts with methods that are both efficient and cost-effective.

During our years of experience, we have assisted businesses across a variety of industries to help increase their chances of success while minimizing risk and liability. When the BP oil spill caused hotels along the Gulf Coast to lose profits, we represented over 3,500 business owners in claims against the oil conglomerate. Whether you are an established brand or still developing your business model, we can provide valuable assistance.

Lawyers for Business Dispute Resolution

In many cases, the types of disputes that plague business owners can be resolved without entering a courtroom. Through mediation, arbitration and negotiations, our business attorneys can find solutions for a variety of business disputes, including:

  • Claims from creditors and disputes over payments
  • Breach of contract, including those with vendors, suppliers and employees
  • Disputes between partners and shareholders
  • Claims of harassment, discrimination or unfair treatment from your employees

Even if you are not currently involved in a dispute, we can review your contracts, policies and business plan to find ways to protect against future conflicts.

Representation for Business Litigation

Some business disputes are too complicated or contentious to resolve outside of a courtroom. If this is the case, we are prepared to represent you in court if you are accusing another company or facing charges of breach of contract, antitrust, non-compete agreements, securities, lending disputes, tax litigation and other forms of commercial litigation. We can also assist with claims involving class action litigation. If you are facing charges of professional malpractice, we can help you find ways to defend against these charges and preserve your license. We also handle cases involving lawsuits between business partners and investors.

We have experience assisting businesses in many industries, and we businesses of any size, from large corporations to small businesses, including non-profits and family-owned businesses. If you were served with a lawsuit, are considering suing another company or just want to make sure that your business practices are in accordance with the law, contact our business lawyers to schedule a consultation. Solid legal advice can keep your business running strong and safe. We have offices in Miami, Tampa and Houston.