Hurt by a Defective Medical Device?

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Injured by a defective medical device? Contact our Florida and Texas injury lawyers today.

Sadly, our trust in the medical system is often misplaced. We go in expecting to leave healed, and walk away with additional harm, often requiring more surgeries and lots of pain and suffering. This is not your fault. Often, the companies who made these devices and paid doctors to promote them to you knew that they were potentially dangerous, but moved forward anyway in the interest of saving money. This type of negligence is inexcusable, and must be addressed.

If you know someone who underwent surgery to receive a medical device like a hip implant or transvaginal mesh and something went wrong, contact a medical injury attorney. We assist with birth injuries, defective medical product injuries and pharmaceutical litigation.

Is my Medically Implanted Device Defective?

Since 2009, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled an average of 50 medical devices every year. Check the FDA’s list of medical device recalls to see if your device has been recalled, and, even if your device is not on the list, you may still have options for seeking recovery. In fact, manufacturers do not recall devices until people speak up about the harm they cause. By speaking with a product liability attorney about your defective product, you could both obtain compensation for yourself and prevent others from experiencing the same type of injury.

What Can I do About a Possibly Defective Medical Device?

Contact your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms that the hospital never warned you about, or if certain symptoms are not going away. The term “medical device” covers a wide variety of products; from heart monitors to hip implants, and the symptoms vary accordingly across these categories.

In addition, keep thorough notes about the device, including:

  • When the device was implanted
  • Warnings your doctor gave you about the operation and implant, if any
  • Any follow-up visits or phone calls with your doctor
  • Symptoms you experience, including whether they are worsening with time
  • Photos of injured or infected areas

Keep in mind that some symptoms may not seem directly related to the implanted device. One famously recalled hip implant, for example, was slowly decaying in the patients’ bodies, sending flecks of metal into their blood streams. While this did not directly cause additional hip pain, it did lead to other symptoms.

Get Answers About Defective Medical Products

Tell us about what is happening to you. Maybe you heard on the news about a problem regarding your device, or you are feeling painful symptoms that you cannot explain after receiving a new product. If filing a lawsuit is your best chance for recovering financially after experiencing such harm, we can let you know. There is no charge to meet with us, and no obligation to file a claim or take any legal action when you visit our office.