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Our business and injury lawyers pride ourselves on being efficient, tenacious and effective. We get results for our clients, and continue to do everything we can off the clock to keep our community safe. We have helped many business owners, individuals and families find solutions to legal, financial and medical concerns. Our results speak for themselves. The following testimonials come from our many satisfied clients.

Business Attorneys with Successful Experience

“We just wanted to say thank you to Farrell & Patel for all of your hard work in helping us secure payment of over $365,000 after we were harmed financially by the BP Oil Spill. The hotel was hurting financially because of the loss of tourists and without Farrell & Patel’s help and guidance; we would never have been able to get back on the right track. Ricky and Amy were our lifeline in our time of need. Because of their help, our hotel is still open and more prosperous than ever.​” Vicksburg, MS

“I just wanted to commend you for your performance during my time of need. After BP had their horrific oil spill; tourism ground to a halt in the entire Gulf Coast region. Farrell & Patel has already recovered my lost revenue for two of my properties and represents four of my other properties. I have faith that they will get these claims paid as well. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and attention to detail that was paramount in getting my claims paid.” Beaumont, TX

“Thank you so much for your thoughts and working from your heart. for your clients. You don’t get many people work from there hearts [anymore]. I wish my staff worked like you.” Vidor, TX

“I am writing you this letter to express my gratitude for your professional handling of my claims out of the BP Oil Spill Matter. Two of my businesses received payments exceeding a total of $400,000.00. I believe that your professionalism and attention to detail helped to resolve my claim in such a timely fashion. Your lawyers were knowledgeable about the inner workings of the settlement program. My Claims Analyst, Amy Polanco, was always available to answer my calls, and the staff as a whole went above and beyond in their representation of my claims. I would recommend Farrell & Patel to anyone who needs legal help.” Southhaven, MS

“The law office of Farrell & Patel did an outstanding job on getting my BP claim filed and I was amazed on the final reward and the speed of the payment of the claim. I have referred all condo owners that my office manages their properties that are entitled to file a claim to the office of Farrell & Patel and have heard that they too received pleasantly surprising results. If you want results, this is the law office you need in your corner for a BP claim.” Redington Beach, FL

“We operate a wedding business in Key West, Florida. When the “BP oil spill” hit the Gulf Coast….(but not us)…..our phones literally STOPPED ringing….at the worst possible time…..”wedding season” ….April!  We perform weddings….100% on location…..and predominantly on the beaches of Key West. What made things worse, was that some “glory seeker” went to the local paper a few days later…..insisting that they found “tar balls” from oil….Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park here. In less than 24 hours……that hit the national news and went worldwide. Business….was killed……literally until November….when the spill pipe was finally capped. Within weeks……business slowly picked up again. Along with many other businesses…..especially the Real Estate business……where expensive waterfront home deals caved in overnight, we took a substantial hit. NOBODY….wanted to do their wedding….on a Key West beach. We accepted our fate….and our losses….until years later, when driving home…..we saw a billboard for Farrell and Patel here. Frankly….we ignored it. We figured….just another one of the “BP” scams…..the worst one being the  one that BP and the government set up…..pretending to help people that have been affected. They had an office in Key West for a couple of years. They were out and out lying to everyone who walked in, and trying to get people to sign up for “short deals” for some quick money…..in return for not suing BP later. Really bad news. After talking about it a couple of times…. driving past the sign……we decided to call Farrell and Patel. We…. were impressed immediately. They were very professional, and an Attorney called us back immediately. He told us that we had to be “straight up” and have “legitimate claims” (which we did), and that we have to verify our losses…. with actual tax statements….(which we could.) Our case was so “straight up” ……that Farrell and Patel insisted on very specific financial information be provided to them…..before they would go before a Judge, something that really made us feel that this thing…. was serious. We…. actually paid our Accountant $1,000.00……to provide Farrell & Patel with all of the detail that they requested. Bottom line: They very soon after that……called and told us that they had tentatively won us a $65,000.00 settlement. They gave us all of our options…. and even calculated exactly what their “end” would be. Farrell and Patel made everything perfectly clear to us…..and very simple……before we agreed to the settlement. We had a check…. one week later. A check…. that nobody said that we would ever get. They did a very effective, professional job on our behalf…. that was 100% straight up from beginning to end. No smoke…. no mirrors. We would absolutely use them again.” Key West, FL

“I filed a BP claim after the disaster had affected my business and income. It was such a simple cycle and I had great assistance from the team at Farrell & Patel – thank you very much. I got paid out last year and I was very happy with that. I hope that others also get the same great service from them.” Clearwater, FL

“Farrell and Patel was great, we were very satisfied everything worked out perfectly.” Tampa, FL

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about the firm and they are my one place to go if I ever need attorneys for insurance claims. Very hospitable people too! Great staff!” Miami, FL

“As a guest of Farrell & Patel “Fashion gives back event” hosted at Neiman Marcus, [it] was welcoming to see a firm such as Farrell & Patel’s high caliber taking time to give back to the community. You don’t see many law firms making the investment back to the communities they serve. The event was tasteful and elegant with a keen focus on the priority “charity”. Keep up the good work Farrell & Patel.” Miami, FL

“Great professional firm. Extremely dedicated to its clients and very involved in the community.” Miami, FL

“As a guest to a few of their events, including a fundraising 5k run, I can say that Farrell & Patel has a great team and they have a united goal of improving and giving back to the local community.” Miami, FL

“Great professional firm. Extremely dedicated to its clients and very involved in the community.” Miami, FL

“I’ve been a guest to several events hosted by Farrell & Patel, Attorneys at Law and I will continue to attend! It’s always so much fun and nice to see a firm that actually enjoys spending time with their entire team even after business hours. They have a family type of bond and are very close knit. Everyone is always so welcoming and outgoing. It’s always a pleasure to be around you guys!” Miami, FL

“Don’t go anywhere else. Very welcoming tight knit family type of firm. Most of all they care deeply about their clients. 5 Stars for sure.” Miami, FL

“Great firm….great people….easy to deal with” Miami, FL

“I have dealt with MANY attorneys in my day, and I must say, the professionalism within this firm is outstanding. They are very involved with their clients and even take it a step further with being involved with their community. They are knowledgeable, professional and truly care about the law. Farrell & Patel is a top notch firm with a top notch staff!” Miami, FL

“Very satisfied with the professionalism of this firm. It is very challenging when trying to find a good attorney. They took their time in understanding and reviewing my case. All my questions were answered and they put me at great ease. I was extremely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend them.” Florida City, FL

“Great place, wonderful atmosphere, love the staff.” Miami, FL

“Very impressed with the professionalism of this [l]aw firm. They keep your case in perspective and keep you well informed of what is to be needed/expected. Very caring towards their clients. Satisfaction is surely granted. I highly recommend this firm.” Miami, FL

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