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Our firm prides itself on making a difference in families’ lives. Whether that means helping family-owned businesses harmed by corporate negligence, providing representation to parents of children harmed by medical malpractice or providing council to family members facing complications with immigration law.

We live and breathe our cases, devoting ourselves entirely to each client we choose to represent. Immigration lawyer Mark Weiner serves of counsel to our firm and leads our team of attorneys for immigration claims. As a Spanish-speaking attorney with decades of experience in immigration law, he is a valuable ally for any family seeking solutions to problems involving citizenship status.

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Over the past 20 years, Mark Weiner has handled over 3,000 citizenship interviews and more than 6,000 status adjustment interviews. He serves as founder and manager of the Immigration Legal Centers of America in Tampa. He has served on several legal boards related to immigration, and he is the former President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association CFC. He is Board Certified as a Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, and he speaks fluent Spanish, German and Mandarin Chinese.

He assists with the following areas of immigration law:

  • Procuring and renewing immigrant and non-immigrant visas
  • Walking you through immigration processes, such as the PERM process for obtaining labor certification
  • Verifying pre-immigration business and tax planning
  • Obtaining green cards and citizenship status, including representing you if you are brought up on illegal alien charges
  • Looking in to deportation prevention measures
  • Handling with your consular interviews and processing
  • Issues with customs
  • Filing family petitions

Immigration Lawyers Serving Miami and Tampa

We created our firm because we wanted to help people. We offer free, confidential consultation, and we are happy to help you regardless of your immigration status. We will do whatever we can to keep your family together and at home, wherever that may be. Before you lose the right to work or live where you wish, contact our immigration attorneys. Options may be available to you that you have yet to consider.