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Our attorneys represented 3,500+ businesses harmed by BP and became one of the top firms for BP oil spill claims

BP Oil Spill Claims

On April 20, 2010, the largest environmental disaster in our nation’s history wreaked havoc upon the Gulf Coast. After an explosion sunk the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon oil rig, millions of barrels worth of oil flowed into the ocean and the nearby coastline. BP attempted to cover up the true causes and provide quick fixes, which ultimately made the situation even worse. The wreck caused millions of dollars in property damage and killed 11 people.

Over the next few years, our firm helped business owners recoup their losses, even as BP did everything in their power to limit their payouts. Our business lawyers fought back against the major corporation and made sure that our clients got the compensation they deserved. We represented over 3,500 businesses harmed by BP, and we eventually became one of the nation’s top firms for BP oil claims.

Tampa Business Lawyers Representing Hotel Owners

Owners and operators of hotels along the gulf coast lost millions in profits after the BP oil spill made the area undesirable to tourists and visitors. In accordance with the Oil Pollution Act, BP created a settlement and administered the settlement via a trust. This trust allowed those harmed by the spill, financially or otherwise, to collect compensation for their losses.

What started as a benign process eventually turned adversarial. BP started contesting valid claims from company owners who lost business as a direct result of the oil spill. We filed appeals and made sure that BP stayed true to the settlement it helped create.

Attorneys for Complex Business Disputes

Our work with BP involved a complex web of different areas of law, including environmental law, maritime law, common and federal law, class actions, mass tort and multidistrict litigation (MDL). We understand how these different practice areas intersect and work with each other, and we know how to hold companies accountable when their negligence causes serious harm.

While most of these claims have been settled, there are still some pending cases left to resolve. If you suffered losses from the BP oil spill and have oil spill claims, we are the firm to contact. After years of work on this case, we can tell you exactly what your options are and how to collect from the BP settlement. Contact our Miami business attorneys for more information.