Business Attorneys for Commercial Litigation

Legal Representation for Business Lawsuits

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While our team can resolve many disputes that plague businesses outside of a courtroom, sometimes litigation is the only way to protect your commercial assets and defend your brand. If another company is engaging in harmful behavior, or if someone is accusing your business of illegal or unethical practices, call our business attorneys to understand your options. When a corporate entity fails to follow the law or abide by the terms of a contract, filing a lawsuit is sometimes the only way to obtain the desired result.

Our clients work in a variety of industries, including health, oil and hospitality, and they face a wide range of conflicts. If you are about to enter a form of commercial litigation, we can provide valuable guidance that keeps your goals in mind when resolving potentially litigious disputes.

Filing a Business Lawsuit

We represent companies facing unlawful treatment from other companies or individuals. Let us know if your business is being harmed in any of the following areas:

  • Breach of contract – If a supplier or purchaser refuses to respect the terms of a contract, you can file a lawsuit to both recover what you lost and force the other party to perform their obligations (specific performance). This could involve another company or employees who renege on their contractually-obligated terms.
  • Corporate real estate litigation – These claims arise from disputes relating to a company’s physical property, such as disagreements over bill payment and liability for injuries that occur on company property.
  • Franchise, marketing and distribution rights – If one of your subsidiaries is selling products without permission or encroaching upon your market, we can analyze your agreements, find out where violations occurred and file suit as needed.
  • Antitrust violations – These occur when high-powered companies collude to keep themselves to in positions of power, often through secret meetings and below-the-board agreements. This creates an unfair playing field for companies trying to succeed through ethical business practices.

My Company is Being Sued – What Can I Do?

Without competent legal assistance, a lawsuit could mean the end of your business. Even if you resolve the lawsuit through a verdict or settlement, the damage to your brand could be irreparable. If you are involved in a dispute that could turn litigious, speak to a business lawyer as soon as possible to put it to rest without further conflict. We can find a solution to these allegations and represent you in court if you are facing charges involving:

  • Business disputes between partners and shareholders
  • Fraud and false advertising
  • Harassment and discrimination accusations from employees
  • Threats to your professional license (medical, legal, real estate, teaching, etc)

Each client has a different goal. You may want to go to court and do whatever it takes to preserve your brand’s reputation, even if that means a lengthy trial. Or, you may want to simply resolve the matter as quickly and painlessly as possible. We cater our services to fit your priorities, and we keep you informed during every step of the process.

To learn more, contact our business attorneys about potential commercial litigation you are facing. We can advise you on the best options available. Our law office are located in Miami, Tampa and Houston.