Hurt by a Drug?

Defective Drug Lawyers Set Things Right

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The Texas and Florida defective drug lawyers at Farrell & Patel can help with your case.

Just because a drug has been approved by the FDA and prescribed by a doctor does not mean that it is safe. Sadly, the pharmaceutical industry often treats us patients as unwitting guinea pigs to see if their pills are safe to take. Prescription drugs are now a leading cause of death and injury in the United States. If you are noticing adverse reactions from a new medication, or if a loved one passed away mysteriously while taking a new drug, talk to our defective drug lawyers. We can investigate all your medical records, examine the hospital’s and pharmacy’s actions and determine what actually happened.

Our dangerous drug attorneys are especially passionate about helping children needlessly injured or killed by pharmaceuticals. We spend a vast amount of our time and energy helping local children’s hospitals, and we believe that children injured by medical malpractice deserve strong, successful representation.

What Can I Do About a Defective Drug Injury?

The prescription drug companies may be large and intimidating, but that does not mean that they can get away with creating and marketing dangerous drugs under the guise of health. We took on BP when they ruined the livelihoods of thousands of our clients, and we are not afraid to go after the pharmaceutical giants when they injure and kill our loved ones.

However, the manufacturer is not necessarily responsible for prescription drug injuries and deaths. These situations are complicated, and a number of factors could have led to the damage, such as:

  • A pharmacist providing either the incorrect medication, incorrect dosage of the medication, failing to provide adequate instructions or other medication error
  • A doctor who prescribes a medication for non-approved use
  • A doctor mixing up documents and providing an incorrect prescription, which the pharmacist may fill correctly to his or her knowledge

All of these cases constitute negligence, despite any well-meaning on the doctors’ or pharmacists’ parts. Doctors and nurses dedicate their lives to healing the sick, and they should be commended for their efforts. Unfortunately, the fast-paced medical industry creates an environment where people are stressed and overworked, which is where mistakes happen.

Lawyers for Pharmaceutical Litigation

When one of these mistakes harms you or a family member, it is not your fault, and those responsible should pay for it. Our defective drug lawyers focus the bulk of their practice on helping families injured in hospitals find ways to recover from this hurtful trauma. Save your medical records, keep notes on what happened with the drug and consult with our attorneys to see if you have a case. We offer free consultations to our potential injury clients because we want you to know about your options without any risk or obligation. If we believe a defective drug lawsuit is in your best interest, we will let you know.